When you are entering the job market before, during or after divorce, there are many challenges to face.

Often people feel overwhelmed with the idea of re-entering today’s fast paced job market after an absence. What they may not realize is that the mature worker is highly valued by many employers. An excellent work ethic, wisdom and perspective can be very valuable in the marketplace. Re-entering employers are often used as role models and mentors for younger employees. After the initial transition many returning employees find they enjoy work more than they would have imagined. But it is helpful to have support and be prepared before you enter the market.

Our six hour job coaching and support package includes:

  • An initial two hour session to uncover your strengths, skills used in the past and current interests.
  • A two hour session devoted to developing a state of the art resume.
  • A two hour session devoted to practicing job interviewing until it becomes second nature.

The total cost is $550.

An investment in job coaching is an investment in your future. Having a clear idea of your strengths, how to use them in a resume and how to discuss them with an employer can shorten your job search significantly…resulting in improved cash flow and stability.

For a free consultation to learn if job coaching is right for you, contact Linda Robinson at 404-939-0153 or