Career Testing

Make the career choice that’s right for you: Are you ready to take the first step in planning and discover the career that is right for you? Career testing and career coaching can help you learn your strengths and direct you to the right career path. Through professional career testing you can discover the educational path or occupation or job  that fits you perfectly, your interests, personality style and strengths. Get started today! Contact Atlanta and virtual career coach, Linda Robinson, M.Ed. to receive the career guidance and support you need from a seasoned professional.   

Career Coaching

“Help me find a career!” This is the most frequently asked question asked by career seekers.  Career testing and career coaching can help you chose the career opportunities that are the best match for you.  Whether you are selecting a college major, seeking your first job, or changing careers, your chances of success increase when you discover who you are vocationally through career testing. Career testing and career coaching with an experienced professional can make this process a positive and exciting experience.

Career testing assessment helps uncover the real you, your interests, values, personality style, aptitudes, and your career strengths. Career testing and career coaching gives you a specific method for exploring educational and/or career options, and your career coach will encourage, structure and support you every step of the way.  Gathering the most up to date career information provided by a well informed career coach can make decision making easy.

Atlanta and Virtual Online Career Coach Linda Robinson, M.Ed.

Linda Robinson, M.Ed., your Atlanta Career Testing professional can help you find your best career path: Ms. Robinson, a professional career coach with many years of experience, can serve as your trusted guide through the complexity of career testing. Ms. Robinson has helped thousands of individuals find direction and make meaningful career decisions with the foundation of career testing and career coaching. Highly knowledgeable about current career trends, up to date career information, and resources, Ms. Robinson can help you discover your strengths and select a career path with an excellent outlook for the future. She has seen clients in an Atlanta career testing setting for over 25 years and now works with clients through online career testing, through Skype or telephone, all over the nation.

How Parents Can Help

When you give your child the gift of professional career guidance, you are helping build a lifelong foundation for success. Student career testing can give your child guidance that will last a lifetime. A professional career coach who is supportive and provides an easy to follow structure can help your child focus on the future in a positive way.  Through information and encouragement your child can make healthier educational and career decisions. Ms. Robinson involves parents as valued resources and supporters in the career search process. This parental involvement in the career testing and career coaching process increases the child’s likelihood of success in the working world. Student career testing is your child’s first step, and people of all ages from high school through graduate school and beyond, benefit from professional student career testing. Even underemployed young adults, who seek more, can benefit from taking the time for  focused career tests, skills analysis  and goal setting.  Career direction at the right time can make all the difference for your child’s future. Consider student career testing and coaching to provide your child with the edge he/she will need in the working world.

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