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When you are re-entering the work force after an absence you may need support. Oftentimes, you have a solid set of strengths that may be undiscovered, untapped and unclaimed. The career coaching process helps to you recognize your many talents, and focus on the skills you have developed which you may take for granted. It can provide you with accurate career information about up to date career trends.  The career search process can help you with focus and decision-making., a structured and supported system that is easy to follow.   An analysis of past work and volunteer history can uncover patterns of success and areas to avoid. Websites such as My Skills My Future  can uncover options that use past skills.  It can answer the question voiced  by career seekers: help find me a career where I can maximize my natural talents. Job search before during or after divorce presents special challenges and requires extra coaching support.

Through Career Testing and Coaching, you will discover:

  • Your real strengths and talents as well as your current interests.
  • How you can use your past history, work or voluntary, to develop new career options.
  • Careers that help you capitalize on your strengths and which will also grow in the future.

When you are in a career that uses your strengths and minimizes your challenges, you feel stronger and more confident and this leads to success in school, in the job search, on the job and in life.

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