Clear career goals for the next step in your life

Making career choices while in college can be exciting but challenging. College students often switch majors and colleges if they do not have career direction.  This can be costly, time consuming and frustrating. Developing clear career goals will help with selecting college majors and courses. It also makes it easier to decide on educational experiences beyond college and how to conduct a job search.  Many college students have no idea what to do with the college major they have chosen.  Conducting career research guided by a coach on such websites as My Plan can help a graduate determine some exciting career options. Students with learning challenges may need extra support when they conduct career exploration.

Some students have a difficult time staying in the college they chose. This does not mean they cannot succeed. Often, there is a mismatch with the student’s learning style or motivation level and the academic environment. Career testing and coaching can help them to regain self-esteem and re-focus so they can find the right educational or learning environment.   It can answer the question help me find me a career where I can succeed, voiced by many students after a negative college experience.

Through Career Coaching and Testing, you'll discover:

  • The college major that’s right for you.
  • The best type of educational setting for you.
  • Alternatives to traditional college education.
  • How to make a living with your college major.
  • How to prepare for a successful job search.
  • If a referral to a college selection counselor would help.

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