The Initial Package Includes:

  • A first meeting with Linda Robinson, M.Ed. in person or through Skype or telephone for a coaching and testing session.  In this session Ms. Will get to know the “real you,” so she can understand your true needs, interests, and talents. In that way she can go far beyond testing in her  approach to matching you with the right career options.
  • A feedback session, lasting approximately two hours, where parents or other support people can be in attendance in person or virtually. In this session we will look at your career profile which includes your interest themes, important values, career environments to match your style, and your strongest aptitudes. We will generate a list of specific career and educational options and create a plan to help you research them. Parents can be an excellent resource in the research phase.
  • A follow-up session, lasting one hour, where you report back on your research and receive assistance with decision-making. Once you understand your career profile and learn what the career options offer, making a choice becomes much easier than you would imagine.

Continuing sessions can be purchased at an hourly rate.

We accept payments by check or credit card:

Fee Schedule

Gold level – $600. Includes all sessions with feedback and copies of all assessments.

Platinum level – $ 750- Includes all sessions with feedback, copies of all assessments, and an in-depth report and consultation with referral sources, such as psychologists, psychiatrists, ADD coaches, and high school or college counselors so they can support you in your career goals.

Hourly rate for follow up sessions, after testing and coaching package, which can include career coaching, job interviewing coaching, and resume review – $100 per hour.

We accept payment by check, credit card, Paypal, Venmo, or CashApp.

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