How should I start off a  brand new blog as an experienced career coach?  The prospect is exciting… Intriguing… maybe a little intimidating… Part of me feels that the sky is the limit. The other part of me asks what the worldwide community might be interested in the topic of career development.

As a career coach who does career testing and exploration for high school and college students, and young adults  I know that the important thing in any endeavor is to begin with what you love…with who you really are. I am going to follow that good advice. If I start with who I am, visiting, chronicling, and discussing what I love, this blog will be an adventure for me…and I hope, interesting to others.

So what do I love? I am deeply committed to creativity, lifelong learning, collaboration, and connection. Finding that spark of interest in a young client and fanning the flame is a thrill. I love assisting people in determining their key strengths and to see new possibilities.  I have been known as a “networking queen,”  and I love “net-weaving,” connecting others for their mutual gain. Not just locally, but all over the country. Life-long learning is a passion for me. Sitting at a bookstore with everything from art and jewelry magazines, new and past beloved fiction, career and self-development books, in piles on my table, is one of my greatest pleasures. Reading them is even better.

So, I commit to make this blog a chronicle of my adventures in the world of career planning and development. I intend to highlight some of the amazing people I run across. They might be my courageous clients who are willing to learn about themselves and to grow. It could be about other coaches and helpers with interesting specializations, celebrities that I  meet or read about, or writers that intrigue me and say something that applies to career development. I will throw in what I know about youth culture and careers. I also will talk about the hottest careers out there and why they are so promising.

I plan to highlight people’s strengths and passions, with an eye to how and why they have succeeded. They might be students who connected with the perfect major, entrepreneurs who have done well against the odds, or career changers. I am guessing that I will see similar patterns as to what makes them a success. I cannot wait to hear what others find to be of interest and are willing to comment and collaborate about. I plan to bring in guest bloggers to learn their perspectives. I am thinking that we could begin to develop our own definition of the elements of career success. So, please join me in this exploration!

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