This is a continuation of my tips for women in transition, pre, post, or during a divorce.

Tip 2

Acknowledge that you have value in the market.  As a career coach who offers career testing and coaching for women in transition, I have noticed that their self-confidence is visibly shaken.   What many returning women do not know is that maturity and life experience are valued by employers. Many mature workers, after an initial adjustment, are used as examples to younger employees, often providing “big picture” perspective.   It is difficult to find employees with a good work ethic, and re-entry workers often exemplify this valued characteristic.

Tip 3

Focus on your strengths and abilities. The more you know what you are good at the more focused your job search campaign will be. Think about your past, whether it be during volunteer work, early job or school appearances, or activities in the home. What do you feel that you did the best? When did you feel that things came easily, where the tasks were like “second nature?” What have you received compliments about?  When people come to you for advice? For example, are you known as the one who “gets things done, is very detailed, has a sixth sense when it comes to people.” All of these areas can have applications in the workplace. If you don’t know, you might want to contact some trusted friends and ask them what skills and personal characteristics are your strengths.  You may be surprised, pleased and encouraged about the positive feedback you will receive. These strengths are used in resumes and job interviews. The clearer you are about what your best abilities are, the more likely you are to convince an employer.

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