I am adding to my last job search tip, where I discussed focusing on your strengths. As a career coach in Atlanta and online, I often meet people who are returning to the workforce and those who are brand new in the market. Both groups may have a difficult time defining their strengths. They don’t give themselves credit for their accomplishments.

I advise them; Think of past examples that highlight your strengths. Your strongest skills are the foundations for your resume, online profiles, and interviews. Take some time and think of specific examples of things that you did to show an employer that you have demonstrated those skills in your past. It does not necessarily have to be on a job. For example, suppose you are excellent at recruiting or fund-raising as a volunteer. You could say that you were able to recruit a large percentage of your neighbors to join a neighborhood watch committee. And perhaps you could even guess at the percentage. You could quote the fact that you were able to inspire people to donate 15% more on the United Way campaign than in the previous year.  Employers love things to be quantifiable. If you are just graduating from college you might want to talk about the success of a group project that you led, what you did, and how you succeeded, earned an A for the team. Managers are eager to not make a hiring mistake, which is very costly, so the more you can assure them that you have the skills to do the job, have succeeded in the past, the more likely you will be the one that they remember.

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