Tips 2 and 3 for women in transition, acknowledging your worth in the job market

This is a continuation of my tips for women in transition, pre, post, or during a divorce.

Tips for Career and Job Search After Divorce

I have been invited to speak at Atlanta’s Divorcetown USA’s Help and Hope Fair on September 27, an event for individuals pre, during or post-divorce which features exhibitors and speakers, concurrent educational sessions, and a panel discussion to guide people through this journey. As part of this event, I am offering several tips to help with career or job coaching during this stressful time.

15 Year Old Invents New Method of Diagnosing Cancer..What We Can Learn from Him.

I was truly inspired when I saw this TED talk about Jack Andraka, a 15 year old freshman in high school. He developed a superior detection tool for cancer through creative thinking, persistence and as he states “teenage optimism.”

Careers, Creativity and Connection — a New Blog from a Career Coach

How should I start off a  brand new blog as an experienced career coach?  The prospect is exciting… Intriguing… maybe a little intimidating… Part of me feels that the sky is the limit. The other part of me asks what the worldwide community might be interested in the topic of career development.

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